Day 5 – All Items Worn

Day 5

Today I wore my silky floral top, green skirt, grey tights and my brown ankle boots. I ended up having to wear my red cardigan as well because it was so cold. I think I might have to add a coat as my outerwear because I was freezing walking home from work today. I have worn all 6 of my items now and so far it hasn’t been particularly hard. In fact I’ve been enjoying it.

It’s quite nice not to have so much choice in the morning. When you have only a few items you end up thinking more about how to use them differently. I’ve created outfits that I haven’t worn before with this challenge and have ideas for more. Also, before this challenge I ended up wearing the same old duds to work every day. This challenge has inspired me and I’ve been thinking ahead each day of what to wear the next. I want to try not to use the same items together in the same way for the 30 days. I think I might just be able to do it!

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