Day 1 to 5, in an inspired nutshell!

I haven’t updated since day one! eep!

The reason is actually quite inspiring! I spent some time with a friend I met in Japan, and we both spent time together at an eco-village (which was a dream of mine for the last few years). I was inspired in different ways. First by my friend Kana, who was traveling with this tiny in-cabin sized suitcase for a 3 month trip around Europe. Two pairs of pants, 4 tops, shoes, under- and outerwear, toiletries, laptop, and that’s it. When I met Kana in April, I was traveling for 1 month around Japan, and I was carrying a suitcase that could fit ME into it. It was huge and pretty much filled up. Seeing her made me realise that I had already changed my point of view since then. If I went on that trip today, I would pack very small and very light, and not feel like I *need* to have a bunch of different materials, sleeve lengths, etc etc. It just didn’t make sense anymore!

Second inspiration on this mini trip was the people that I met at the eco-village. A few of them never bought clothes. Instead they were dressing themselves with the huge amount of leftover clothes that people forgot or donated after their stay at the village. Being in an environment where those things don’t matter, was such a relief. I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

So, very inspiring weekend, and no pictures.
I wore my t-shirt, my jeans, my jumper, my cardigan and my dress with different tights & belts.
From tomorrow I will start “outfit of the day” pictures! 🙂

In the meantime… here’s an eco-village sunset 🙂



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