The first weekend

We are four days into the challenge and I’ve already worn 4 of my six items: the gray tee, the floral dress, the black skirt, and the brown sweater. But so far, so good. I’m already paying attention to how much I wear  a certain item. Like my black skirt, which made it into two of my outfits thus far. I want to try and wear each of my items equally to keep things interesting.

Accessories and outwear have become a big focus as well. The weather is cooling down a lot here in the Pacific Northwest, which means I’ve allotted myself my favorite denim jacket since outwear doesn’t really count according to the rules. And boy, I was sure thankful to have it this weekend when the rains started. Fall is officially here and tights, scarves, and jackets will be a HUGE help in mixing up outfits and keeping things interesting.

I’m also sharing my Six Item Challenge experience on my personal style blog Coffee and Cardigans. It’s been a great away to introduce my friends, family, and readers to this challenge, LTB, and the cause we are working to raise awareness for!


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