Day Four

ImageMe, my outfit and my grown out fringe.

As of today I’ve worn all six of my items and not yet worn the same item two days running. Proof that you can live on six items of clothing and stay clean! Today I wore my red blouse and black skirt, pretty good for day-to-night on a British autumn day that didn’t quite know what to be. Best of all, the silk shirt has stayed uncrumpled enough to go another day before being ironed again 🙂

I was quite pleased with this; stuck an earring onto a necklace I’ve hardly ever worn. Just for the sake of doing something different.

Inspired by the link Sandra posted earlier, I’ll definitely be experimenting with wearing things backwards to change them up a bit, but it looks like tomorrow’s outfit will be dictated by what’s dry after my super efficient laundry efforts this morning…


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