Day 4 – Two Lost Scarves

I got home from work late today and was too tired for a photo. I wore my black dress with a handmade pink scarf that I picked up on holidays, leopard print tights and black pumps. Wearing my dress I realised how easily it picks up dirt and since my dog sheds a LOT I will have to wash it tonight. From now on if I want to wear it I’ll have to change into my pajamas when I get home!

Today my accessories collection were reduced by two. I’ll have to rethink some ideas I had for outfits. I searched high and low this evening for two scarves that I wanted to wear this week. One was a hand dyed green and blue scarf that I got in a tiny little shop in Turkey full of handmade wonders. The other I spent weeks crocheting last winter and a small fortune on beautiful soft merino wool. I can’t find them anywhere and have been moping about their loss all evening. They were my favourite ones. I know it’s a little thing but when you find something special and handmade that you know no one else has or spend time and energy making something yourself it’s awful when they are lost 😦 I can’t understand where they have gone. Hopefully I’ll find them soon…


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