Day 3 – What am I learning

I have reused the same white tank top for about 3 times. I had to hand wash it for two times (is really hot here in Lisbon) and to wash one of my two pairs of trousers (it was partially oil-smudged after a bike ride). I used a blue soap bar, much less used nowadays, but also much less aggressive. For the oil smudge, I used a Portuguese traditional cleaning product, called Supergel. I came to the conclusion that it’s simpler to wash one item at a time than to choose which one of an immense and chaotic collection of clothes to wear. It even gives me more time to explore combinations with accessories. this is not an original observation in this community, but still, it is very true. Another discovery is that I really enjoy I’m really happy to share that thanks to this challenge, I have renewed my motivation to start a project dedicated to sustainable fashion. I also came up with an idea for a proposal aiming a potential supporter. I want to help to increase the critical mass that wants to live simply, so others can simply live. Ethical fashion isn’t a sufficiently known issue, here in Portugal.  And there is still a crowd totally addicted to fast fashion and not aware of its consequences. I hope to share positive returns of these brand new determinations in the next days.


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