Day 3 – A New Item For My Wardrobe!

Today it was a bit cooler in Dublin so I knew I would have to wear my cardigan. I realised when I pulled it out that because of long drape on the front I could wear it as a jumper instead if I pinned it on either shoulder. I safety pinned it on one shoulder underneath and picked out the antique brooch my granddad gave me and pinned it on my other shoulder where it would be visible. I feel like I have a new item in my 6 item wardrobe now! I can wear it like this with my jeans, tucked into my skirt or over my black dress. I now have 3 new outfits out of the 6! That feels pretty amazing right now. It’s the little things I guess that will keep me going 🙂

Last night I was hanging my clothes in the wardrobe and saw how meagre the 6 items looked next to the rest of my bulging wardrobe which has been pushed to the side. I realised how bored I might become with only these 6 to work with. Hopefully I can come up with some more ideas like this to keep things interesting!

Day 3


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