Day 2 – Sunny Days and Hand Washing Woes

Today was pretty easy. I had to go to the local market to get groceries for the week and since the weather is so good we decided to go to the park. So, I picked out my jeans and wore the same shirt as I wore yesterday. Normally I never wear the same thing two days in a row so that was quite a change for me. I’m so glad I picked this lighter shirt over some of my other ones. The weather is too warm for anything else!

As an aside, for any of the other participants who are going to be hand washing their clothes, I really recommend Soak if you can find it. You don’t have to rinse the soap out so it makes hand washing a lot easier. It’s good for vintage and delicate clothing care also. I had a few marks on my shirt from wearing it yesterday but only noticed it in the morning. I did a little spot cleaning first thing. Since it’s so light the shirt was dry in a few minutes and good as new !

Day 2

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