Day 2: About Upcycling, Memories and Keys

Sophie and Chloe, two lovely girls from UK and France, just visited my store. Chloe is an upcycling fashion designer and I wanted to share her stunning portfolio you can find here on CargoCollective. Also Sophie is one of these customers who buy very quality-oriented. I’m seeing that more and more often and it relieves me when someone appreciates valuable materials.

My outfit today is a collection of nice people and memories:

The big size shirt or short dress is my item number 2 – I got it from Agi, I met her at a fleamarket when I bought this item from her and we’ve been seeing each other quite a lot since then! We are going to a night fleamarket called “The Wardrobe” together tonite and I know she’ll be excited this item made it to the six chosen ones 🙂 The tights are superold, I bought them in Paris back in 2005 and lace tights felt like the thing to buy in Paris. I like them more since they have some holes. The black flower headband is handmade by the wonderful Kristjana from Iceland and an accessoire you’ll see me wearing more often. Check out her stunning shootings on facebook for some inspiration! The necklace is from Yasmine from Australia and when I shot the picture I was so excited about the necklace I didn’t even realize I forgot the key to my store till at home.

Thank you boyfriend for making up for my forgettfulness and bringing it here ❤


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