Day 1: How to choose 6 Items when Berlin turns into Fall

I am quite relieved that I’m not the only person who had difficulty selecting the six items! Berlin is just now turning from beautiful indian summer 25 degrees to nasty 15 degrees and rain. Maybe that’s why I picked almost entirely black clothing, have a look how boring they hang on my wall:

When I saw this, I thought: no, I can’t make it, I won’t survive the challenge.

But then I added some colorful accessoires to the image and voilá:

Better. Black is a great canvas for beautiful accessoires.

So I told you guys I’m running a vintage store so my outfit posts will be from there – no, it’s not my walk-in closet in the back of the image. Here’s what I wore on day 1:

The long black dress was the first item I picked for the challenge. It is very versatile, thick cotton, and I just got it recently at a swapping party. Perfect for a long day working in the store (the sleeves can be rolled up, yay) and as I was on my way to go to a restaurant it’s easy to wash if you’re spilling your food (yayyy).

At dinner I talked to my friend who’s from London and lived in Madrid for a while what a bliss it is to live in Berlin where people do not judge you because of your looks. You can walk around like in your pajamas or dressed up like a drag queen, noone is going to bother. How is that in your city?


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