Day 1 – The Challenge Begins

My New Wardrobe

Ever since I decided to take part in the challenge I’ve been thinking about what my six items would be. The problem with the weather in Ireland is that it’s so changeable. Layers are essential! Unfortunately when you only have 6 items to choose from you need to think carefully. September is also a tricky time in Ireland because while it’s pretty warm at the moment by October it will be getting cooler.

I decided on a wardrobe that I could mix and match very easily to get the most out of it.

  1. A cosy, long red cardigan which goes with everything and will keep me warm when the weather gets cooler
  2. For me a pair of dark wash, skinny jeans had to be in the list
  3. A thick jersey olive green stripe skirt that will be suitable for work but comfortable enough for the weekend
  4. A light, striped shirt that can be worn under or over the dress and top but also with the bottoms I’ve chosen.  Since it’s made of seersucker cotton it’s supposed to be a bit wrinkled and doesn’t have to be ironed (yay!). Added bonus, it will also dry quickly after washing
  5. A black draped dress which can be layered and dressed up for night or worn to work
  6. A silky floral top. It’s long and easy to wear. Since it’s light it will dry easily after washing



Day 1 – Since I was at work I wore the light shirt and green skirt. I feel like the hardest part of this challenge for me will be balancing the items for work and weekend wear. I’m sure keeping things interesting will become more difficult as the weeks go on and I get bored of the same items all the time. My accessories will have a big part to play!

Day 1

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