The Big Launch… the mighty September Challenge is here!

Well, here at LBL, its action stations… The new September Six Items Challenge is here and our participants are fabulous, and ready to go!  We have some amazing people joining us this Autumn.  Sandra is based in Berlin and runs a vintage shop; Mary and Nadira, respectively in Vancouver and Hong Kong, are the women behind Social Alterations – an inspiring hub of ethical fashion educationa and knowhaw; Delphine resides in Brussels and is trying to kick her fast fashion habit; Aimee is over in texas and jointly tackling fashion ethics and creative clothing expression… and that’s just a tiny handful of our Sixers.  Go over to the Participants page to find out more about who our planet-wide bunch of brave challengers are…

…and let’s not forget who they are teaming up to help: the global garment workforce.  Mainly women, mainly in countries where employment is less regulated and full of the inherent problems this entails such as poverty pay, unstable contracts, overlong hours and no benefits.  All over the globe… in Cambodia, Bangladesh, India, China, South Africa, Turkey and numerous other places, people are struggling to make a living while brands in the West are profiting from their hard work.

Our team of Sixers have woken up to this exploitative relationship and are willing to put themselves on the line for a month testing their own sartorial mettle and challenging others to wake up to the realities of fast fashion.  Applause please! And let’s give a big cheer as September 7th kicks off a month of experimenting, writing, fundraising, awareness raising.  Hurray!


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