Ready, set, go

How did September get here to fast? We jumped head first into the Six Item Challenge this morning and I can’t wait to get started. It took me a little while to select my six items – seems easier said than done – but I think I’ve settled on a regime that will be able to get me through the month! A pair of skinny jeans, a black skirt, a red floral dress, a gray tee, a brown sweater, and a striped shirt. A little color, a little print, and a lot of basics that can be remixed in other ways.

Today was easy: a black skirt, gray tee, and easy accessories? It was a no-brainier for a warm day at the office. But I can already tell how much I’m going to be reliant accessories, jewelry, shoes, bags, and outwear to change up the look of an outfit. And for a gal who doesn’t put much thought into those things, I might be facing a whole other challenge.

These next few weeks will certainly be an interesting experience! Wish me luck!


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