Cardigans and Coffee with Callie…

Six Items is really happy to welcome Callie onto the September Challenge – she is a student as well as a keen blogger on the subject of thrifty fashion and is already piecing together her strategic six pieces for the upcoming challenge month and valuing the skills she’s learnt in reinventing her outfits…

What made you become part of the challenge?

As a University student, learning to make the most out of my closet is so important. That is, finding pieces that will last, remixing what I have, and not filling my closet with junk. For me, living on six items for a month is a great way to put my remixing skills to the test. Before I got good at living on a budget, I threw too much money into fast-fashion stores on cheap clothes that would fall apart. It didn’t benefit anyone but the company. The challenge is a great way to remind myself to make the most of the quality clothes I already own.

Have you always thought about fashion from an ethical standpoint or is this something new to you?

I don’t know if I’ve always looked at fashion from an ethical standpoint, but definitely a sustainable one. But researching some of the darker corners of the fashion industry can certainty open a girl’s eyes. I think the Six Items Challenge will be a big reminder and habit changer for me when it comes to buying clothes in the future.

What other themes are you thinking of in relation to the challenge; sustainability? Thriftiness?  Reducing consumption?  Personal identity?

Sustainability and thriftiness are two big themes for me. Getting dressed on a tight budget, I’ve learned to cut my spending at major stores and turn to thrift stores for clothing of equal quality. It’s also about making the most out of what I already have in my closet.  

How are you preparing yourself?

I’ve been thinking a lot about my items. I actually sat down and wrote out some possible outfit combinations already. Figuring out my six items has sort of been like fitting together a puzzle. I’ve also been taking a closer look at my accessories, shoes, scarves, and whatever else I can use to change up a look. Planning is going to be my saving grace for these 30 days!

What are you expecting to be the most difficult?

I think getting into the final week of the challenge will be the hardest. I think I’ll start getting bored with my limited wardrobe towards the end.

What do you think you’ll experience during / after the challenge?

I hope that after the challenge is over, I’ll be able look at my closet in a different light. I think the experience will inspire me to shop a little less, cut excess where I don’t need it, and feel more excited about what I already have.

Have you chosen your items yet? If you have, what are they?

I think I have! I’ve settled on a gray t-shirt, a long-sleeve striped top, a brown sweater, a pair of dark skinny jeans, a black skirt, and a red floral dress. I’m feeling pretty confident about it. But that might change before September 7th!


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