It’s All Over

So that’s it. 31 days of six items is now over. It seems strange now when I go to the wardrobe to be confronted with a lot more clothing than previously! I have certainly felt that this challenge has refocused my ethics on clothing both with the sustainable nature of my consumption and the way in which it is produced. So what have I learnt from this challenge?

  • Colour is important, it can change the way you feel each day so whether it is a red belt, a bright brooch or tights throw it all on and head on out into the changeable weather! (Today there seemed to be a swift monsoon in Edinburgh which left a lot of people baffled and soggy!)
  • If you don’t like something 100% don’t buy it, I know I am guilty of this previously but my 6th item of choice was one of these purchases and even when I had only 5 other options I simply didn’t pick it up to put it on. I am trying to keep this fresh in my mind next time I see something I think I like.
  • If you wear something a couple of times a week it is a staple, I found that my grey cardi was indispensable in the challenge and looking back it always has been. I think I just took a grey cardi as just something I owned now I see how much I wear it and how much I like it. I need to mend a wee hole in it then it can last me for another four years!
  • Swishing is great! My friends are so appreciative of the clothes that I don’t love and I have gained some beautiful items.
  • No one else really cares what you are wearing! This was a bit of a revelation to me in a way. I am sure most of us dress for ourselves but it was definitely proved that other people don’t notice if you are wearing the same dress on numerous occasions!
  • Tights were my saviour, I have to say my blue leopard print tights are new favourite items.
  • Finally all patterns and colours go together if it makes you smile!

    last day of the challenge so all the colours

I am so pleased that I have been able to raise some money for such a great campaign and hope to have raised awareness by discussing the challenge with others. My challenge to buy only ethical clothing and gifts for the rest of the year seems straightforward now, I think I might try to add in a few more creative touches inspired by the ideas of others in this challenge.

Thanks for all the help LBL, I have really enjoyed blogging on this challenge. I just wish I could have done it more. I have enjoyed reading all the posts. Well done to all the other 6 items challenge participants!


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