… 3, 2, 1!

Here is to before and after:

day 1, tentative beginnings     day 31, finished!

This month I learned:

  • dressing up is fun and you can do it with the simplest things
  • to go for subtler contrasts in clothes and leave the bright statement for accessories
  • non-matching items work great together
  • figure out what exactly you like about your clothes
  • two over-the-top items make you look better than just one
  • red lipstick and orange nail polish make me smile

For all you stylish people out there these might be simple truths, but they have really changed how I dress and how I look at other people’s outfits.

Then onto my final three items.

shirt dress

The shirt dress is hanging in two parts from my living room door. I’ve taken it apart, because the top is too small and I want to add two inserts to the sides. Originally I planned to make it into a short-sleeved swing dress like this. But I’ve had such positive comments about its cut, that I will only improve the fit and maybe take up the hem an inch or two.

To make the wedding dress more versatile, I sewed some strips of fabric into the layers of the skirt. If you tie them together, they make it a kind of parachute dress, that has doubled as a petticoat.

day 21, 50s flareday 28, edgyday 30, bride-to-be

The lesson about knowing what you like about a garment, came from my biggest regret during this challenge. In my drive to change, change, change, I dyed the dress teal and now I miss its awesome whiteness so much. I was really pleased when on day 30 I sewed on a white frilly t-shirt I found at the swap shop and I’m embarrassed to say I’ve already scouted out nylon wedding dresses on Ebay to try and make up for my loss…

For what it’s worth, I now have a teal dress that can be worn long, short or somewhere in between:

wedding dresswedding dress threewedding dress too

The frilly t-shirt did not catch the dye, so I took it off. The necklace is made with paper beads.

My unexpected favourite this July has been the burgundy t-shirt. It’s as simple as they come: v-neck, regular cut and from thick t-shirt fabric, and before this challenge I wore it maybe three times in the two years that I’ve had it. But I now know it fits with everything! Because of its colour it is more interesting than a black or white shirt, and I’ve worn it with red, green, yellow, white, orange, and all other garments, even the wedding dress.

burgundy t-shirt

Before this month I was planning to cut it up into a tank top and then turn it into a tight dress, but I am going to leave it as it is. That seems to be a theme!

Anyway, this was my Six Items Challenge. It was intense, and a lot of fun. It has given me creative confidence and convinced me that ethical and stylish is actually an easy combination and in diametrical opposite to the empty feeling that shopping in the high street gives me.

I’ve decided to continue my ethical yet stylish makeover, and make it a project to review other aspects of my life along these lines as well. You can follow it here.

Now I’m off to rake in those sponsoring pounds!


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