The Bag Lady

To celebrate the end of the Challenge today, I put on all six of my items at once!  Many of the outfits I had planned involved layering…but as the drought developed in the middle of the US this July, I gradually abandoned any layers.

As I piled the layers on, I found myself thinking about an encounter I had over 30 years ago with a “bag lady” in Grand Central Station.  She had claimed a pew in the central waiting area.  As those of you who’ve been there know, these pews are long–likely a hundred feet in length.  When another passenger dared to take a seat on her pew, she let loose with a string of foul language unlike any I’d ever heard before and it echoed loudly off the high ceilings.  I was petrified…and yet, that woman who carried all her worldly possessions with her, or wore them, remains in memory today.

It’s been wonderful to do this challenge and in days to come, I hope to do a post that rounds up all the looks I tried this month and the lessons I’ve learned.


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