Is it really all over?


Day 31 – thought I’d go out with a bit of a bang and wear my skirt as a snuggly poncho. Ring is from plastic fairy & knitted goldfish brooches & bag are fantastic market finds.

So it has been a whole 31 days of these warm snuggly wintery items, and we have sure had some fun. It has been really interesting noticing other people well not noticing me and my clothes.

Ok I did do my fair share of promoting, spreading some flyers around and sharing the picture story along the way, but I was so amazed to find out that even my class mates (at fashion school) didn’t even notice that someone in their class was repeating outfits – Its funny how a few accessories, a head scarf or a hat can deeefiinattellly make your basics look TOTALLY DIFFERENT !! So if you are like me, or like I used to be, and vow to never be caught clubbing in the same dress twice, or wearing the same thing two days in a row, you can sleep safely knowing that we here at the six items challenge have done the hard yards for a month, and nobody really noticed. Crumbs even my boyfriend kept forgetting and on numerous occassions asked why? when I was grumbling about having to hand wash an item, and hair dry it dry again baahh!!

Yes my hair dryer and I have become more well aquainted also this July.

I had fantastic news the other day too, one of my good friends, who looves a good bargain (dont we all) is now cursing me in the shops as my little ‘think about where it came from’ think about how it was made’ ‘think about WHY it is actually SO cheap’ voice in her head plays on her mind before she makes her purchase.

If anything, I hope more people just THINK about things before leaping to score that ‘score’!


I will be continuing on my eco-warrior-ness over here, & I will be heading further into fashion from this year – its exciting to delve into such an intense world, but I love it, and I love it to be ethically & environmentally smiling.




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