Wearing the same thing twice

Probably for the first time in a looooong time (with the exception of backpacking days) I wore the same thing two days in a row, exactly the same, actually I did switch the belt but pretty much the exact thing. I survived! No body knew or judged! I even forgot myself!  I was having so much fun wearing my cardi as a skirt. I had plenty of comments on the skirt/cardi all day on both days which was fab and got me thinking of continuing this style with some of my other jumpers.
I wanted to especially thank Rhiannon from Toast Clothing for donating the looovely brooch I am wearing. Pretty much every second person said that they liked it as I paraded it around the giant Auckland Art & Craft Fair yesterday. Check out more of Toast Clothing’s blog here, and shop here

The count down is on till end of July 🙂 !!! I am looking forward to wearing different colours, but I think my love for my grey woolly skirt has only grown stronger. AND I definately have realised I DO NOT NEED as many clothes as I currently have – bring on the clear out!



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