The End Is In Sight

This week has been a little hectic so I haven’t really had time to post. Well last night I had my friend’s hen-do. A little bit of kari-oke and dancing, both done badly by myself but what I lack in talent I make up for in enthusiasm! I wore my tried and tested black t-shirt by rapanui and my black shorts, years old but still a favourite. In order to try and make the outfit look a little special I tried creating a shawl cardigan out of my leopard print scarf, it work well and a couple of people commented on how nice it was. I also wore my green and pink heels which always put a smile on my face.

All dressed up!

While dancing the night away last night I had a bit of a realisation, most of the hen-do (including the bride) were wearing outfits they had worn before. I think that is great to see, all of them looked lovely.

This challenge has been more difficult for me this week, all down to poor planning on my part. Clothes draped over the heaters in my flat have been a constant irritant to my boyfriend.

I have to agree with my fellow bloggers, not once has anyone noticed I have been wearing the same 5 items (I may as well be honest I haven’t worn my shorter floral dress) for all of July. I think this goes to show that others are not as observant with clothes as we seem to think they are. I have been inspired to reduce my wardrobe further after this challenge and I am sure another swishing party will be welcomed by my friends (for a donation of course ;))


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