Nearly there….!

So here I am on 29 July, facing the end of the challenge! In many ways, it’s not felt as long as I thought it would. Having said this, the sudden surge of lovely weather at the beginning of this week meant that I did start craving my floatier skirts and dresses a bit, and the heat did make layering (disguising?!) a bit less possible. Not that I am complaining about the much overdue summer!

I haven’t been consciously reflecting on what I’ve learned or how my attitudes might have changed, but my sudden craving for a haircut towards the end of week two might imply that I missed being able to change my appearance at will quite as easily!

What I have realised is that it is lovely to wear things that you really really like and have chosen carefully and be creative with them, which inspired me to set myself the subsidiary challenge of cutting down my clothes collection to fit into half of the wardrobe that I share with my boyfriend. This might sound easy, but it’s basically a reduction of between a third and a half of my clothes! Yesterday morning, I got cracking, and found it actually alright. Obviously, I had to ask myself some tough questions, like ‘do I really need this many party dresses? I don’t go to that many parties’, and ‘I am 30 years old, perhaps I could live without that age 15 polka dot dress from Debenhams, which doesn’t fit properly?’, and ‘why do I need all four of these red dresses?’, but I did manage it! Well, I did have to pack two of my most lovely party dresses, which I cannot bear to lose, away into a bag, along with some of my bulkier winter skirts, and I am encroaching slightly on Derek’s side of the wardrobe, but I’ve completely cleared a clothes rail, creating some much needed space in our bedroom, and I’m feeling pleased that everything in my wardrobe is something that I love and will really enjoy wearing.

Now onto my next challenge – what to wear on Wednesday?!


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