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This month I found renewed appreciation for my black sweater/cardigan. I bought it because I liked how it can be twisted inside and out into many sweaters and cardigans, but I never actually did that very much.

So apart from a little hem repair, it stayed as it was and I will wear it much more frequently:

black cardigan/sweater

On the issue of repairs. I’ve realised I have quite a lot of clothes and shoes that I would wear often if they were in better shape. Stains, ripped hems, an ill fit, I often leave them as they are.

This month has inspired me to be more creative with those items. I had several pairs of shoes and boots re-heeled and have asked my other half to teach me how to polish them properly. I’ve put aside for bleaching a white jacket I spilled chocolate milk on and a dress that has a big cat pee stain (eco-friendlier suggestions welcome). And I am keeping most of the clothes I’d laid aside for swap shops and the tat table, to go over them a last time and see if a little sewing would not be enough to make me like them again.

I’m also trying washing my more precious items on the wool cycle instead of dry-cleaning. This may mean they wear out sooner, but I can’t afford to send them to the dry-cleaners all the time, which means they regularly live in my laundry basket longer than on me or in my closet.


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