… 5

In the hot weather of the last few days I needed something breezy, so the yellow t-shirt got chopped up some more. Poor old battered thing!

I thought the dress wouldn’t look out of place in the short-skirted North. But after a trucker parked up next to me twice, and told me I looked beautiful, then wanted to know where I was from, I felt way out of my comfort zone and toned it down a little for the afternoon:

day 24, showing skinday 24, a little less skin

So to come up with the final version of my second item, I went in my scrap stash and found several segments to attach to the dress:

The result wasn’t stunning, but I thought it would do for a trip into town. Which included the man sat next to me on the bus following me well into the shopping centre and chiding me for walking too fast for him to keep up. Back home I decided to go for the full modest look again: I am not prepared to deal with this kind of intrusive attention any more.

day 25, covering upday 25, giving upday 25, necklaceday 26, back in the bagday 26, scarf

The necklace I made with bread dough beads and children’s paint, and the little scarf with yarn left over from a similar but very big scarf.

Since I’m free to top it with whatever’s in my wardrobe from next week on, I’ve taken off the blue cover again and will keep the former t-shirt as a skirt/dress, until I might turn it back into a top. I had a lot of ideas for decorating the shirt at the beginning of the month, from bleach dyeing to Palestinian embroidery, and might continue altering until I’m really satisfied. The final-for-now version looks like this:

yellow t-shirt


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