Countdown… 6

I can tell we are in the last week of our challenge, because I’m feeling itchy. To stop spending so much time thinking about how to spruce up my six items and at the same time how to fit all the styling ideas still tumbling around my head in six days.

Besides raising funds for Labour Behind the Label, my aim this month was to lay a six-item basis for a newly stylish and ethical wardrobe.

The first item has been finished for two weeks already:

Item 1: a pair of perfect woollen trousers

Kelly from Manchester sewing collective Stitched Up came to my house to help me overcome my fear of sewing machines and perfect the already pretty great woollen trousers:

At the machine

We took out the torn lining and used it to make two huge and very comfy pockets:


She also showed me how to hand sew an invisible hem with a trick she learned from an old Italian seamstress: blind hemming. Now my trousers are a inch shorter, still beautiful but puddle proof:

blind hem


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