How to feel ‘all dressed up’ in the same ol’ clothes?





After a little bit of computer troubles, I am back online here with some weekend antics. I have to admit I am getting a tad bored with my 6 items, day in day to school and back, you know sometimes routine becomes same ol and we dont put in as much effort for getting dressed up- but come a special outing, dressing up becomes FUN!You may be suprised at how easy it is to don an odd scrap of fabric, I wrapped this (not even square!) bit of fabric around under my elastic belt. It got pretty hot dancing because it was a sweatshirt type fabric, but I was not going to take it off as the colour was holding my ‘going out to dance n party’ feeling that I havent had in such a long time. AND I discovered the power of lipstick. I’ve noticed a fab trend of brightly perky lipsticks on the streets of late, and braved a wee try at some colour. It felt good. Do try it.And saturday…. I hemmed up the grey skirt (dangerous huh? hehe) and added a lil peplum (another popular re-occuring item on the streets of late) but this one is removable! So you can take your stylish frilly flattering waist from dress to top to skirt the lot! I am going to make some more for markets do you think they might be fancy frilled? Thanks Abby for being an awesome photographer…and Chelsea for showing me how to model proper 🙂



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