The Wedding Dress Story

Once upon a long time ago, I regularly danced all night. But I bore children, and for almost two years was happy to be in bed by 8pm. Then I got an invitation for a woodland rave, with the request to “dress for uv-light”. Two years of missed parties sublimated in what I wore that night:

putting out

It was the first time I put on a wedding dress and I’ve since developed a bit of an obsession (I own seven now, don’t ask, think Ebay…), so for the Six Items Challenge the friend whose birthday we were celebrating at the rave, dared me to include the original sin in my six. On day 4 of the challenge I slightly modified its seventies glory by taking off the sleeves and the waistband:

original sinawesome sleevesmaxi dress?

But it took me until day 11 to raise the courage to wear it in broad daylight. I hiked it up with a belt when I went out, let it hang loose after a few hours of Arndale shopping centre madness (no clothes even looked at, though, I swear!), and unveiled its full glory at an underpass on the way home.

day 11, all dressed upday 11, all outday 11, almost there

The next few days were taken up by a family emergency, and I didn’t create any memorable looks. Packing with only six things to wear is a breeze, though!

Two days ago my brain had some space for styling again and since the friend has sponsored me per wear of wedding dress, I walked around Manchester like this:

day 18, sunshine reggaeday 18, gold chainday 19, scarfday 19, standing out

Surprisingly, only the last look garnered second takes. Apparently it is more acceptable to dress up outspoken than I expected. Now there is food for thought…


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