Day 19

So it is over halfway through the challenge and I have finally posted a picture of one of my favourite items. I seem to have difficulty remembering to take pictures before leaving the house hence all the pictures being taken in my office! Hopefully this time next week the promised nicer weather will have arrived and a hat will not be necessary every time I step out the door.

This nice summery dress is by People Tree and I have tended to keep accessorises to a minimum with it.

I have also been experimenting with belts now and trying out all my various shoes. I have to say this challenge has been a lot more fun than I was expecting. I have found it quite a relief to open my cupboards to the same six items and I have always found something I want to wear.

However for the last weekend I have a slightly bigger challenge, a friend’s hen-do with the words ‘dress to impress’ in the dress-code. I think I will have to start planning this weekend, can I turn a scarf into a top or will that all go horribly wrong?


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