Nearly at the halfway mark!

It’s day 15 and I can’t believe it! The challenge is going well so far – I’m certainly having fun with it. I suppose really I ought to be reflecting on consumerism and consumption, but at the moment I am thinking primarily about two things: washing, and accessories.

I’m handwashing my items as and when they need it. This has made me think about how used I am to just throwing something in the washing basket without checking whether it really needs a wash. Hopefully in the long run this challenge might have the knock on effect of saving us some water and electricity on washing machine loads! The handwashing has its downside in this wet weather thought – not being able to hang things outside means they can take a little while to dry, so yesterday I ended up having to wear a button through pyjama top as an extra layer under my jacket when I went out…fortunately it was a trip to the cinema so I was sitting in the dark!

Accessories are the real heroes of the challenge so far. Wearing the same dress every day for a week, as I’ve done for the past fortnight (week one was my green dress, week two my Laura Ashley blue flowery one) means I’ve really had to think carefully about what to put with them to make different outfits. Favourite discoveries and re-discoveries have been:

  • the peacock feather coloured shawl which has (with the help of some well placed safety pins) been both a cardigan and a skirt
  • the petticoat which I bought years ago (when I was in my final year at uni, so now nearly 10 years ago, scarily) on a market stall and dyed blue in a saucepan in my halls of residence kitchen (I was never much of a one for cooking…). It goes underneath all the dresses I’ve chosen for the challenge for a bit of shape and an extra splash of colour
  • my brightly coloured beads which my boss gave me for my 30th birthday a few weeks ago. I love them, and it’s amazing how different an outfit can look depending on whether I wear them, or another of my necklaces.

I’m also embracing bangles! Sure, they make typing noisy, but they’ve livened up many an outfit so far…

Next week, I’m going into Minnie Mouse mode, as it is the week for my red polka dot dress. I’ve only worn it once so far during the challenge – for a party my boyfriend and I had last Saturday to celebrate both our birthdays. So next week it’ll be party time every day!


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