Day 14

So I have been quieter than I would have liked on the blog this week. Just those annoying things like work getting in the way!

This has been another week where the accessories have been key to stop me being bored with the clothes I chose. I have always loved fashion, sustainability and ethical issues but this week I have been trying harder to talk about the challenge and these ethics with more people. I have been speaking to a lot of colleagues at work as I have an office who do like their clothes! I am not sure I am getting much more than polite interest but on the other hand friends I have spoken to have seemed interested and ask lots of questions. It is a little odd though as the question I get asked often is whether the challenge is hard which I suppose it is in a way but it also has been a real eye opener to how buying right is key, this challenge would be much trickier if I hadn’t chosen clothes that wash and wear well . It also helps that half the items are from ethical clothing companies helping me to show off these companies as real challengers to the high street.

I also have been realising how little I miss many of the clothes that are hanging in the back of the wardrobe. With this in mind I had a wee swishing party just me & my mate Emma, she is a real queen of the charity shop finds something I am truly awful at. So for after the challenge I got a lovely 80s body warmer and some lovely jeans. Thanks Emma!


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