When costume becomes street cred

Cstume meets daily attire… that is Day 12. I made an entire body suit (hood and facemask included) out of collected doileys for a fesitval costume earlier this year, and recently I have been trying to rock the pants into mainstream day wear HA HA! Although I had to wear them over black stockings for added wintery warmth, I think the black peeking through looked even better than skin – it certainly tied in with the staple black dress and black warm top (which has been my saviour thus far through winter).

So the funky chick at the sushi place gave me the ‘cute pants, really cute’ line, and I got a few over the shoulder (inquisitive not leering) looks – costume out on the street success? Yes! Ok so I WAS cruising around K-road the funky student/hipster cool/red light district of Auckland where anyone can where anything & I was not the most ‘costumed’ at all. We played street fighter, ate hot chips with tom sauce out of a gun and drank tea so pretty I took photos…

Cheers to Day 12 and not an ounce of missing my stocked racks of a wardrobe.


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