Day 12

Mega-apologies for being despicably silent so far blogwise. These past few days I’ve been on a combined camping & conference trip up in Yorkshire. Apart from learning plenty about medieval literature (the conference) and reminding myself how good fried breakfasts taste outdoors (the camping), I’ve learnt that I really should have thought longer & harder about choosing this month’s Special Six.

1&2. So I thought the two shirts (suitable for both work & leisure) were a safe bet. But unfortunately, due to some over-zealous zipping on my part, I managed to snag one of them yesterday. And by ‘snag’ I mean ‘tear’. Now, where did I put that sewing kit?
3. With hindsight, the striking orange T-shirt was an unusual choice. It doesn’t really go with any of the other garments I selected. Sigh.
4. Jeans. Wonderfully multi-purpose, no? Not, it turns out, if you’re camping in Yorkshire in the rain.
5. Summer jacket. Not actually warm enough to deal with this overly ample weather we’re having in the UK at the moment.
6. Shorts (as yet un-worn). Because it is supposed to be summer & I am an eternal optimist.

So I could have chosen better. But if in the past week I managed to look like a camper when camping & to look like a conference-goer at a conference – all with only six items & a minimum amount of accessorising – the rest of the month should be a doddle!


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