Hola aventura

Day 11 definately got me thinking about the STORY behind what we wear and choose to adorn our bodies with. A lot of my clothes have a ‘history’ as they pretty much come from second hand stories, but I really enjoy wearing something with something a bit closer to the heart. Like for example this brightly beaded necklace from Ecuador. It was the very first thing I bought on my very first backpacking adventure out of NZ. It was the start of todays warm South American colours and certainly kept me dreaming of latino land all day today.

It is certainly a much better day wearing something that acutally MEANS SOMETHING rather than mass produced, same-as-3-other-people-in-the-street kind of clothing. for. sure.

Ropas’ para la dia (clothes for the day):

Shoes from Avondale Market only $2

Brown Necklace from Trade Aid

Head scarf is a scrap piece of fabric from an op shop


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