Day 10

I thought that now might be a nice time to sing the praises of some of my accessories that are helping me through this challenge no end.

Today’s outfit was brought to you by:

The shoes & tights.

The necklace

The ring

And finally

the badge

Unfortunately the way the weekend panned out I didn’t have the time to devote to customising that I had hoped so here is to this weekend being quieter! I did however realise that part of the reason why I didn’t wear this floral dress is that I am not 100% sure I like it, while this month I will be trying to make myself wear it the fact I changed out of it into a different six items outfit when going to meet friends speaks volumes. This challenge is already making me more aware of what I wear and how I feel wearing it.

Not sure about this dress, perhaps one to be swished at the end of the challenge.


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