Week one of the challenge – not too bad!

So, I have now completed week one of the six items challenge and so far it hasn’t been too bad. The biggest difficulty for me has been the weather which is not ideal with my summery choice of clothes and has also made it difficult for me to get items of clothing washed and dried ready to wear again. This week has seen me quite cold at times, although I have added a neutral brown jacket for going out in the rain. I have also had to resort to drying a pair of damp leggings with a hairdryer one morning. It hasn’t really bothered me too much though and in the bigger picture of the whole challenge, it is not really much to worry about or put up with compared to the plight of  those struggling for better rights and working conditions in the garment industry.

As an advocate of ethical fashion, I decided to not only take part in the challenge but also to try and include as many ethical/ sustainable pieces as possible in my six items and also to try and include ethical accessories as much as possible in my daily outfits. Here are my six items:-

  • A black mini shift dress – originally bought on the high street many years ago
  • A black dress by ethical brand Komodo
  • A Pair of patterned trousers by ASOS Africa
  • A really old surf t shirt
  • A green printed dress from Monsoon
  • A pair of black leggings from Fair trade fashion pioneers People Tree (not pictured above)

And here is what I wore

The shoes are by sustainable shoe brand Melissa.

The handbag is from a local charity shop and the scarf from a vintage fair.

The necklaces in all three of these outfits is from ethical jewellery brand Made UK and the scarf from a vintage fashion fair.

So on to week 2 with a fairly packed diary and so many different places to go, I think I am going to try and get a little more creative with my outfits.


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