Back into routine

There comes the day when you have to get up BEFORE 7am… Today was this day for me as I made the journey into the city for my first day back at course. I have started a Certificate in Pattern Design, following on from my recently completed Certificate in Garment Tech. Today I busted the T-shirt front and centre and made my statement (as you do on first days at fashion school). You may have to squint to read it in these pics but no doubt you will get another chance to see it up close through July.

Tee’s are such a staple to our wardrobes for both ladies & gents. There are endless options to choose from, and they are always the perfect canvas to say what you want to say – and most people wear them just so. So why not say what you want to say and choose a locally made t-shirt manufacturer/printer rather than the giants of mass produced for carbon copy chain shoppers?

My tee featured here is from Kolektiv, the bag I picked up in Peru sorry no link for that one 😉


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