Measuring, measuring…

The yellow t-shirt I had picked to cut up and pull around regularly, to practice my sewing skills and pre-empt wardrobe fatique. The results are hit and miss so far, but at least one version is worth repeating, I think.

cutting and pulling    cutting and pulling

I pinned up the open shoulder (former hole for the head – English term, anyone ?) and out came a hit (*):


Unfortunately at that point I got a bit carried away and instead of wearing the shape I liked, I filled up the hole with another piece of two-coloured fabric and removed the sleeve I was using as a funnel neck.

cutting and pulling

Out came something so shapeless I felt embarrassed the idea came out of my head. I like the colours, but that really is the only positive. Notice the awkward smile:

okay   miss

All my other clothes were wet or in the wash, and there was no time for any more sewing. So… I did my best to accessorise the awkwardness away and went out dressed like that. See tonight’s daily outfits round-up for pictures.

Onwards and upwards.

(*) Yes, those are black tracksuit bottoms and not part of my six, but they are also my pyjamas. Or they were, because I felt a bit like I was cheating.


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