The joy of safety pins

So my strategy this week is to experiment with bases – wear the same dress a few times in different ways, and pick outfits that work and that I might want to repeat or adapt. My first base is my green dress. I wore it yesterday just plain, with my cardi, and today I used it as a base for the following outfit, which I have called ‘Miss Pickard will be your supply teacher for art today’:

I’m wearing my trusty navy t-shirt over the dress to make it a skirt, with a belt from a charity shop to hide the join. The drapey cardigan thing is made out of a scarf my mum bought me (in the charity shop where she volunteers – it is good to have an ally on the inside to look out for gems!) a few years ago to wear in the library (I was working a lot in the British Library at the time, which is ferociously air-conditioned). I’ve made it into sleeves using safety pins! I have a feeling safety pins could be worth more than their weight in gold over the next four weeks…The outfit is topped off by a beautiful set of beads which were a birthday gift from my boss, Kim (thanks Kim!)


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