Day 3

Okay so here goes with my first post. Day 3 of the challenge and 3 basic outfits down. I was quite fortunate that on Sunday I was away horse riding so I was in ‘performance’ gear, that makes me sound like I know what I am doing! I think it is pretty good that performance gear is exempt otherwise I could see my colleagues definitely asking questions.

Day 2, at work with a couple of meetings, I wore one of the floral dresses and day 3 I have gone for a mainly dark outfit while channelling my inner Kermit the frog with the green tights.

The owl brooch is a particular favourite which I am sure will find itself in many outfits. I took on board the advice from the last challenge and decided dresses were the way to go and I have selected three, two floral and one black. Along with my favourite cardigan, black t-shirt and black shorts. I have been told on many occasions that I wear too much black so for me having two floral items is pretty different. Now time to bring on the accessories 🙂 I wonder if a fascinator is too much for the office?


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