1, 2, 3

As I’ve learned from watching many a makeover tv show, a proper change of wardrobe starts with stripping down to the bare bones. So I started our Six Items Challenge by taking a long hot bath and scrubbing off some embarrassingly tattered nail polish.

Then I went for the simplest outfit I could think of for an afternoon on the wet and slightly cold town (day 1), dropping the kids off at the childminder and a neighbourly visit (day 2) and working from a local cafe (day 3).

1, on the town      2, ladies wot lunch     

I’ve now worn five of my six items. The wedding dress has to wait until I’m a bit more brave.

Next stop is customising and accessorising, with which I will need help. What kind of bag/belt/scarf/shoes/hat/jewellery would you put with my outfits?


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