Here goes!

Hi dudes,

Here I am – a day late due to technical malfunction (many thanks to Derek, my lovely boyfriend, for helping me to finally get the photo off our camera. I must add that this was not due to me being hopeless, we actually had to buy a special reader and everything.) Here is what I wrote yesterday:

OK, so hello everyone! It’s ten to one of the afternoon of day one, and it’s so far going swimmingly, mainly because I am still in my pyjamas (Mum, if you’re reading this I got up hours ago and have been cleaning the flat, honestly!) with the minor hiccup that when I got up I automatically put on a cardigan (not one of the six items) that I always wear over my pyjamas. Back to the wardrobe!

So, I have chosen my 6 items (pictured above). They are:

1)      Red polka dot dress. This is one of my boyfriend’s favourites (and mine too). My mum bought it for me about 6 years ago, and it makes me feel a bit like Minnie Mouse. It’s good for daytimes because it’s just cotton, but it’s dress-up-able for parties by adding a sparkly belt and petticoat underneath.

2)      Green dress. This is a hand-me-down from my stylish friend Becki, who after wardrobe clearouts often very kindly gives me first refusal before the charity shops. I’ve chosen it because I love the colour and it’s plain, so hopefully versatile (of course bright green can be a neutral)

3)      White and blue floral dress. I chose this simply because I love it. It’s another treat from my mum, from the Laura Ashley sale last year, and it’s is just so summery and lovely.

4)      Navy blue top. It’s been heavy on the dresses so far! All the dresses I’ve chosen have quite defined waists, so with the help of this top and some belts from my drawer, I can treat them like skirts some days. Since I started my second hand challenge a couple of years ago (I try and buy all my clothes second hand), I only have a few ‘new’ buys a year, and I try and keep it to essentials like knickers! This top was one of those new purchases, earlier this summer. I love navy at the moment, so I wear it loads.

5)      Brown cardigan. I’ve had this for about 10 years! Given the summer so far has been less than a scorcher I needed a cardi in the mix. I wanted something plain enough to look OK with most things, but with a bit of pattern too – I think this fits the bill.

6)      Jacket. See point 5 re the British summer – I’m not quite brave enough to leave myself without a coat option! This jacket is a hand-me-down from my stylish friend Becki’s stylish husband Martin. I love it because it has pockets – big enough for a paperback. I think Martin would like me to point out that I added the buttons and badges myself.

Whittling it down to 6 was difficult! Going for dresses over skirts cut out a lot of favourites, and there are lots of things I’m going to miss a lot, like:

  • My green sequinned skirt makes me feel like a mermaid. In certain lights, it reflects little green lights onto the walls around me, so I also feel like a human glitter ball!
  • My floor length blue wraparound skirt made from fabric from Brixton Market. Fantastic for swishing about, but difficult to climb the stairs in
  • My dress with lemons on – perfect for the summer afternoons that we haven’t had yet!
  • The turquoise and gold shift dress that I bought in a second hand shop in Brixton Village last year – I love it for parties (I bought it for a wedding) but I couldn’t justify it going in my 6 (a bit too glitzy!)
  • An ancient Top Shop skirt with a pattern that looks like tennis balls (great for Wimbledon fortnight!). When I lived in Worcester (about 8 years ago) the Top Shop (other high street fashion stores are available) on the high street had a permanent 2 for 1 sale rail at the back of the shop, I guess for clearing out end of line stuff. It basically clothed me for the 6 months I was working in Worcester, and I’ve still got skirts there that I bought for £7.50 each. This is one of them!

I have bid a sad farewell to those items though, and am pressing on, into the brave new world of the capsule wardrobe…wish me luck!


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