The Six

Here they are! The six clothes I will be wearing for the next 40 days. Ay!

(going clockwise from top left)

1. Black Sheer Chiffon Button Up- the wind just goes straight through this baby, which is essential for keeping cool. Also, with a some quick adjustments it can become a skirt!

2. Black Long Skirt- Made of super light jersey it can be worn normally, or I can drape it around into the waistband for an asymmetrical look.

3. Grey Crazy Dress- From a cool Canadian brand Complex Geometries, this dress is totally insane. When I first got it, it took me about 10 minutes trying to figure out how to put it on. Because of its construction, it can be worn multiple ways!

4. Sheer White Chiffon Button Up- Uh yes, another one of these. I can’t live without them.

5. Grey Tank Dress- Good for layering under those sheer shirts/skirts.

6. Black Harem Pants- These may make me look like MC Hammer, but they keep me cool, and are as comfy as sweatpants!

So thats that, the mighty six have been chosen.


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