The morning after the Forty Nights before……

Lent is a long time! 40 days later, and I’m back with a full (though slightly smaller) wardrobe selection to choose from. One thing I will say for the challenge is it’s great for someone as indecisive as me. Now I’m back to dithering about what to wear each day 🙂

But as I reflected last night over my fashion fast, I realised 6 Items has given me so much more that assistance with my clothing choices. It’s reminded me of the following:

– Generosity is humbling. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to my Challenge. It meant a great deal to me and will really support the work of Labour Behind the Label (I suppose I should come clean now – I’m the Vice-Chair of LBL so I know this for a fact!!)

Toasting Accessories

Toasting Accessories with Angelique

– Friends make everything better! It wouldn’t have been the same doing this without Angelique, Sarah, Rachel and my Mum. Chatting over challenges, sharing funny stories, swapping accessories….. If you are thinking of trying the challenge, why not ask a friend to do it too! And to the 5 mentioned above – you’re fabulous 🙂

– Quality counts. I cannot say it any better than Angelique in her post here.

– And finally, I’m even more determined to ensure that garment workers don’t pay for my fashion choices. My favourite clothes shops have always been charity shops and this is definitely still the case. But it’s not as simple as just individually choosing the ‘good’ shops – although that’s a flippin’ good place to start! It’s about making sure that all shops & brands take responsibility for their supply chains. Making sure garment workers are able to join together and stand up for their rights. Making sure governments legislate to improve corporate responsibility. Bee, Anna & Sam at Labour Behind the Label work amazingly hard to achieve all of these. 6 Items has reminded me how important their work is and I’m definitely going to continue spreading the word about everything they are doing!

So – if you haven’t yet done so visit the website, get inspired & get involved ….

Sarah’s right: Be The Change!


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