So, it’s the end, but really for me it’s the beginning of a new way of life. I have been able to look at myself and have realised I need to change. Change how I choose to spend my money. Change where I choose to shop. Change how I think about fashion. Change how I think about others. I have realised that my choices have an effect on other people’s lives, in a big way. This challenge has been eye opener for sure and my inspiration throughout has been my best friend Sarah (Dalyactivist) who has also been going through the last 46 days with only 6 items. I wouldn’t even have known about the challenge if it wasn’t for her, and it has definitely helped having someone I’m close to going through the same things. After her wonderful poem she posted last week I was inspired to jazz up my last couple of days with funky tights……ImageImage

…… I have to say the first pieces of clothing I wore were not as exciting! On Sunday I realised I had really missed my favourite chunky cardi, denim shorts 9although not able to be seen under my dress!) and my black t-shirt dress. My boyfriend commented on how nice I looked (I think just the change of dress meant he thought I looked nice, especially as I have been wearing my pjs on Sundays!)

As you can see I am still wearing my beloved leopard print scarf, I think I have an obsession if I’m honest, that part of me will never change! I hope everyone who has been involved in the challenge feels as inspired going forward to the next 46 days and 46 after that as I do.


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