After 46 days of wearing the same 6 Items of clothing, I have a few thoughts to share…

–         You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it.

–          Scarves are amazing.

–          It’s great when dresses have pockets.

–          The British weather is a wiley trickster and cannot be trusted.

–          Realising your morals is so much more successful as part of a ‘challenge.’

–          Life is simpler when you have less choice.

–          Everyone would like to know where to shop ‘ethically’ but there is not a simple answer.

–          Washing clothes often takes good organisation.

–         It’s great to wear your favourite things more often.

–          A dress has a lot of potential and should not be confined to the back of the cupboard to be revealed on special occasions. (Get your dress out!)

–          Make an item of clothing, then treasure it.  Then think about that process next time you’re in a shop.

–          Hats don’t go that well with jersey dresses.

–          Shoes are frustrating, belts are useful and colourful tights are a godsend.

–          I am happier when layered, and wearing bright colours.

–          My friends and family are very  supportive, even when they think I’m bonkers.

–          We should always tell other people what it is we believe needs to be changed in the world, and telling them creatively may be the best way to get the message across.

–          Labour Behind the Label are fabulous.

I hope I can cling on to the emotions I have felt throughout this challenge, and remember them as I choose what to wear for work on Tuesday morning. I think it can be easy to feel passionate about something when you’re part of a movement, but more difficult to continue living that passion once you are more independent. I hope I can continue to be inspired by all the amazing Sixers who have been part of this challenge, and continue to be an active advocate for better worker’s rights. Thanks so much to the 6 Items Community – I have really felt part of something doing this challenge, and despite not meeting many of you, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Be the change!

Showing off my outfit for today on a very blustery walk!


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