Dear dresses… thanks, you’ve been great.

Oh my goodness it is the last day.  In some ways Lent has gone so quickly, and in others, very slowly. I will certainly miss being part of this community, and enjoying the feeling of taking part in a really meaningful challenge.

I’ll save my final thoughts for Easter Sunday – but for now I thought I should update on the final few days of accessory-ownership.

My brother Will chose a Harry Potter theme for his ‘sponsored’ day and lent me his Gryffindor scarf. He also chose yellow tights – which made a trip to the shops slightly embarrassing as I looked like a giant banana in my yellow coat.

Mum was more subdued and chose a floral scarf and rose-patterned tights for Good Friday.

Today was technically Claire’s choice, and she requested a Jubilee theme, however she didn’t quite tell me in time in order to pack the right clothes, but I did my best with as much blue as possible. (and I later added a blue and white scarf and red boots)

I thought this would also be a good opportunity to celebrate the versatility of the humble dress… if anyone is looking to minimalize their wardrobe, dresses are the way to go.

My black dress has been my trusty friend in a variety of situations…

I’ve worn it with scarves, with necklaces, with a long sleeved t shirt, with a belt, with a cardigan done up, without a cardigan. It has served me on smart days and lazy days, and I have been pleasantly surprised at it’s versatility.

My ‘posh’ Orla Keily teacup dress is has been suitable for all manner of occasions…

Theatre trips, Posh Liberty Tea, Birthday days (x4) – including my birthday, Claire’s birthday, a 90th Birthday and family reunion, Chilled out lunch at Cafe Kino in Bristol, Afternoon Tea/CakeFest at home, Work and a Spring Fair.

God bless the dress.



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