It’s a question of value(s)…

The thing I haven’t been able to stop thinking about throughout this challenge is the concept of value, or lack thereof, in fast fashion.

There was a time when this image would make me happy. I’d think “Bargain!” Since doing the six items challenge, two questions come into my head when I see this kind of image and I get the same answers every time:

  1. Who is winning in the process of making those clothing items cheap? Answer: NOT the garment workers
  2. How long is that item of clothing going to last me? Answer: NOT long.

I mean, really, what has become of our clothes? I remember my Grandmothers clothes lasted her for donkey years. She’d had the same blouses and trousers and cardigans that she had bought 20 years previously and they still looked good! Why do our clothes only last a couple of years/months sometimes weeks?! Because they are not made to last. They are made to be disposable so we buy more, consume more, spend more. It is making some people at the top very rich, but it is making countless garment workers at the bottom, very poor.

It is also a waste of our hard earned money.

It is a question of value and values. Where is the value in buying a shirt which will only last a few months, a year tops? Where are the values of our high street shops which refuse to place the rights of all their workers at the heart of their business?

Fast fashion has turned into a value-less system, and there is nothing I can stand less than a system/organisation that does not hold value(s)…

Most people reading this, will at least see where I’m coming from, and hopefully, totally agree with me! So then this poses some new questions, chiefly, where do we go from here? How do we start changing this awful, unfair system? Fast fashion needs to be changed, however, we all still need to buy clothes. So where do we buy them from? How can we enjoy our clothes without buying into an unfair system or end up feeling guilty every time we go shopping?

Well, I have given this some thought (along with lots of other campaigners on this challenge). And on Sunday, the day the Six Items Challenge is over, I will be posting my last blog post with all my thoughts about how we can take action to change things and also some very cool shops we can go to for a bit of ethical shopping.

So tune in on Sunday and in the meantime, feel free to add your questions or thoughts on my Facebook wall, via Twitter or comment here on this blog.

Thanks for reading guys! :0)


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