Dummy Run.

cor blimey! Where do I start. This experience has been life changing for me, really it has. For some reason blue crush 2 just popped into my head where they go on an Odyssey. This had not been a mere journey. It has been a wild and wonderful Odyssey full of adventure! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LWiDiFcPVc&feature=related

My life is currently like a cheesy, 80’s feel good movie. Through this challenge I have found back myself. She, who was lost in a sea of Italian heartbreak, self loathing, career angst and weakness. Through this challenge I have woken up my creativity and become conscious of my surroundings. I realise that I live in a really interesting place and don’t want to leave but am not scared not to either. I have met all kinds of people through making my accessories and the world has opened some new doors. Doors, I thought that were starting to become locked and bolted. I rediscovered my values and value and firmly believe that small contributions can make a difference. Through this challenge I have gained the confidence to act, to do stuff, to take risks (I am a much better snowboarder for example) Next week I will launch my label Kor-e-osity. I don’t care what people think anymore. I don’t care if it fails, I dont care if people say I have no talent or I’m crazy. I’m just gonna do it. It’s because of taking part in this challenge that my life will change and I’ll achieve my dreams. Thanks “LBL” and “the 6 Items Challenge”. By involving me you changed my life. I now believe that there’s no restrictions, no limits and no negatives. To do what you want you just have to be fearless.You have to give yourself time to develop. I realised that I’m lucky and blessed. I can make choices. Some people, like the garment workers;have a lot more problems than me and their choices are almost between life and death. By trying to help others I have saved myself. On Sunday I will finish the challenge with a 10k “Dummy Run”. I haven’t trained much but I know I’ll do well. I guess this is what what confidence feels like. What a strange feeling. It’s Like I’m telling my students, “you just have to try and you just have to be curious and the world is your for the taking.” before they all fall asleep that is.
Can I have a cheesy round of applause now. Perhaps a slow clap.


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