The Home Straight!

Preparation for Sunday – Choose outfit from my sister’s wardrobe; I am so looking forward to wearing something different however my enormous file brought home for Easter revision (–the joys) did then not allow for an additional clothes so my sister Joanne’s clothes will have to do!

I’ve been really been really encouraged by the support I’ve received and hopefully have done Labour behind the Label justice when I have described them! Having only started to take the issue of ethical clothing seriously last summer it has been so good to participate in this challenge and feel like I have made a positive impact in raising some awareness and a bit of money for a really worthwhile cause.

I really despaired a few months back just at the whole industry, having read Labour behind the Labels Clean Up Fashion report for 2009 and amending once 2011 had been released I decided that an shop rated below 2.5 was off my shopping list- now I know that goes against what LBL says about boycotting but my theory was that these companies didn’t even really seem to have an interest in even trying to make policies to bring a living wage to their workers and I wanting to support those on the high street doing more than they were legally required to do- and created a vague ranking system. However what led me to despair was when I wrote an article for my Uni’s newspaper on the LBL report and investigated a little further into companies that I thought were doing well to find that none of the major retailers had a clean slate!

The challenge has been great to feel more in control and to be more proactive towards the cause against fast fashion. My sister Louise has even given up buying clothes for lent in response to my 6 item challenge!

I would love to say a big thanks to everyone who has supported me over the lent period! Love Laura xx



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