Some of the things that got me through…

Well, it is indeed the last week of the challenge and since my last blog post it has been a very busy time for me (work wise) and also a very reflective time (LBL wise). I am preparing a couple of blogs for Sunday about what I’ve learnt in this challenge, in the meantime I’d like to just share a couple of things about what has got me through.


One of the most difficult things I have found is the lack of colour in my outfits. My friends Aneke and Angela helped me overcome this by introducing me to the world of lipstick…. Before this challenge, I never ‘got’ lipstick. I never understood what colours suited me or how it could add to or compliment an outfit- now, I get it!

I have worn more lipstick in these last six weeks than any other time in my life- and I’ve loved it!

Thank you Aneke and Angela for your guidance!

Head gear

Many friends donated money without me wearing something silly on my head/face. Some, three in fact, took me up on the challenge to wear something bonkers in a public place, and on all 3 occasions it was brilliant fun rising to the challenge.

Thank you Steve (Jester’s hat for St Piran’s Day night) Phil (Venetian mask in Wagamamas night), Janine (Tibetan hat and champagne night)  and  for supporting me with your creativity, generosity and sense of fun! :0) Thanks!


So many people have been soooooo supportive in other ways. Asking me how it was going, saying kind things, taking an interest in garment workers rights, donating money, and just generally being nice, supportive people. A huge special thank you needs to go to my boyfriend Iestyn who gave up all alcohol and fizzy drinks and has only drunk water in the whole time of my fashion abstinence. No easy feat and he did it all in solidarity with me- thank you Iestyn!

I think the support from my friends and family for doing this challenge has been the most important thing and I would like to say a big thank you to all of those kind people now! THANK YOU!!!


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