Taking Action

With less than a week to go I thought I would actually do what I said I would a few weeks ago and actually take some action. So… I have written to my favourite high street stores urging them to take action on the living wage. I have made each letter individual, told them what I value about them and why and exactly what I would like them to change and work on! Hoping to get some responses in the next few days.
I am really looking forward to wearing some different clothes at the weekend. We are way so i can actually pack some different clothes this time (rather than just some travel wash for hand washing like last time!!)
However I have realised I do not need so many clothes, and plan to have a clear out, sending stuff I don’t need to charity for someone else to make use of – and in future buy less items, and make sure they are ones that are durable and long-lasting, not just a fad!


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